Camino a la escuela

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Photo exhibition launched by SIPA Press, UNESCO & Veolia Transdev, “Journeys to School” tells an inspiring story of girls’ and boy’s journey to school. It is not about misery and isolation — but courage and determination.

We learn about children’s quest for education despite all obstacles — gender inequality, poverty, social-exclusion, conflict, lack of public transportation, urban insecurity, natural hazards. These children travel long distances on foot, or by bus, boat, bicycle, rickshaw, sled or subway to get to school. They brave deserts, mountains, rivers, snow and ice. These images carry a message of hope — this exhibit shows if there is a will there is a way, but children can’t do it alone. We must help them on their journey — families, communities, public authorities and private sector partners. Together, we can help them overcome the obstacles, get to school and stay. Education is a human right.

There are still many children who are not part of this journey. In 2010, 61 million children and 71 million adolescents were still out of school — 66 million of whom were girls, according to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report. How can we help them embark on their own journeys to school? How can we make the journey to school and the journey through schooling, a safe and empowering experience, regardless of geographic location, socio-economic status, language of expression, ethnic origin or religion? We must find answers to these questions for every child — and especially girls. As Nelson Mandela once said, that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

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